Friday, March 20, 2009

Township Board Meeting Minutes - March 9, 2008

March 9, 2009
Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Haga at 7:30 p.m. Members present: Supervisor Haga, Treasurer
Rhoades. Trustees: Proos, Smith, and Westra. Absent, Clerk Burton and Trustee Sytsma. Also present,
Recording Secretary Alt, and 17 community members.
Three items were added to the agenda under Communications: Informal Petitions from Township Residents
Regarding Funding of Trails and Environmental Issues; Various Communications regarding Trail Project; and
Compensation Resolution regarding Official Salaries.
Two items were added under New Business: GO! Bus Service Contract and Fireworks Display for 2009.
Moved by Proos, supported by Westra, to approve the agenda as amended for March 9, 2009.
Yes - 5; No - 0; Absent - 2. Motion carried.
Moved by Westra, supported by Rhoades to proceed into public hearing regarding Ada Township budget
for fiscal year 2009-2010. Yes - 5; No - 0; Absent - 2. Motion carried.
Supervisor Haga summarized/clarified Budget Report for Ada Township 2009 - 2010 fiscal year.
Supervisor Haga offered public comment regarding budget.
Michelle Zuidema, 9081 Conservation NE, expressed her issues and concerns regarding budget for the nonmotorized
trail plan, adding she received 250-260 signatures on her petition regarding funds, and the general fund
monies could be utilized elsewhere.
Stephan Ibanez, 269 Greentree Lane, commented on the budget. He asked for clarification on the amended
budgets. Supervisor Haga responded with explanations for funding expenses.
Frank Hoover, 700 Marbury Street, commented on the trail project regarding the general funds.
Lloyd Paul, 1268 Pettis, commented he has been in real estate for many years and the trail project will increase
property values which will in turn increase revenues the township will need for the general fund. He complimented
the Board for doing a great job, adding he is supportive of the trail project.
David Fields, 6526 Ada drive, commented to the board his concerns regarding township salaries, citing the tough
economy. Supervisor Haga responded he is sympathetic and understands the concern.
Deb Emery, 7534 Fase Street, also commented on the salary of the appraiser. Supervisor Haga
clarified/summarized the salaries regarding the appraiser and appraiser staff.
Michelle Zuidema, 9081 Conservation NE, commented on the maintenance for the trail, asking Supervisor Haga if
it is funded with general fund monies. Zuidema voiced her concerns for the Bailey Road designation as a natural
beauty road being reinstated, and concerns regarding the millage.
Trustee Westra stated he would like to see a review of wages for the part time assessor. He also commented on
the expenses in accounts #590, #591 and #592 stating with current and past policies this area should be up for
review. He commented a Capitol Improvement Plan would be helpful for the township with regards to budget
issues and concerns.
Trustee Proos commented he has worked on the Township Board for 4 years, adding Ada Township watches
over their monies very closely, and will continue to do so. He added with issues coming before them, half the
time the Board makes people happy, the other half, people are upset. The Board works diligently and believes
this is a good budget.
Trustee Smith stated the Board had a work session for the budget, and not one citizen came. She stated it’s not
a perfect budget but is a good one.
Ada Township Board Meeting
March 9, 2009
Page 2
Moved by Westra, Supported by Proos to close public hearing the Ada Township Budget for year 2009 -
2010. Yes - 5; No -0; Absent 2. Motion carried.
Approval of Minutes
February 23, 2009 Regular Board Meeting
Receive and File Various Reports/Communications
1. Planning Commission Minutes 1/5/09; 2. Ada Historic Society Minutes 1/10/09; 3. Kent County Agricultural
Preservation Board 2/13/09; 4. Region 8 Notes 3/09; 5. Ada township-Records Returned to Ada Historical Society
2/6/09; 6. MTA Legislative Update Fax 2/20/09, 2/27/09; 7. Regis Board Minutes 11/26/08, 1/28/09; 8. Utility
Advisory board Minutes 1/15/09; 9. Siegfried Crandall-Audit Services 2/11/09; 10. Township Clerk’s Report on
Petitions Filed for Referendum Regarding the Ada Township Heliport Ordinance; 11. Kent County Development
Department - Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2/09; 12. Betty Chenard - General Matter 2/25/09; 13. GO! Bus
Service Report 10/1/08, 2/1/09; 14. Fire Department Incidents Report 9/08 - 1/09. 15. Informal petitions from
township residents regarding funding of trails and Environmental Matters; 16. Various Communications regarding
Trail Project; 17. Compensation Resolution Regarding Official Salaries.
Moved by Westra, supported by Smith, to approve the Minutes and accept Reports and Communications
under the Consent Agenda. Yes - 5; No - 0; Absent - 2. Motion carried.
Treasurer Rhoades presented Warrants and Receipts in the following amounts: Hand Checks: #101 $1,406.97;
#205 $2,003.50; #208 $325.28; #590 $117.07; #591 $117.07. Total Hand Checks $3,969.89. Warrants: #101
$18,144.15; #205 $69,896.77; #208 $1,237.85; #590 $92,155.07; #591 $98,658.77; #592 $495.10.Total Warrants
$280,587.71. Total checks and warrants $284,557.60. Moved by Proos, supported by Smith, to approve the
Warrant Report of March 9, 2009, in the amount of $284,557.60. There were questions/clarifications regarding
expense on the Vendor Summary report. Roll Call: Yes - Proos, Westra, Smith, Rhoades, Haga. No - 0.
Absent -2. Motion carried.
Lloyd Paul of 1268 Pettis had a question on the petition filed for the Heliport Ordinance Referendum. He asked
when the vote will be taken, Haga stated Clerk Burton is communicating with the State, County, MTA and
township legal council, and will have a report at the next meeting. Paul stated he doesn’t think the Township
should pay for a special election when it’s possible the outcome would put us back to where we were before the
Michelle Zuidema, 9081 Conservation N.E., clarified the maps she presented at the last Board meeting.
Trustee Westra commented he heard some heliport petitioners had stated to potential signers the possible
increase in home/property insurance should heliports be allowed in the Township. He talked about the Township
Website, encouraging the public to sign up for access when available, and encouraging views to be voiced in the
discussion forum pages. Westra asked Supervisor Haga about feedback regarding graffiti on the railroad.
Supervisor Haga indicated the rail road is working on that issue.
Trustee Smith commented on the Forest Hills Schools construction project, and had a question about The Villas
of Ada’s compliance to landscaping a barrier between their property and the Paradise Lake community.
Supervisor Haga responded to Trustee Westra’s request for a Capitol Improvement Plan, stating in April the
Administrative Committee plans to meet with representatives from the Planning Commission to strategize for the
Capitol Improvement Plan. Trustee Proos suggested there be as much open discussion as possible.
There was no unfinished business.
Ada Township Board Meeting
March 9, 2009
Page 3
Moved by Rhoades, Supported by Westra to adopt Resolution R-030909-1. Roll call; Yes - Smith, Proos,
Westra, Haga, Rhoades; No - 0; Absent - 2. Resolution adopted.
Jim Ferro, Planning Director summarized the resolution regarding “Arts in Ada Day”.
Moved by Proos, Supported by Smith to adopt Resolution R-030909-2. Roll call; Yes - Smith, Westra,
Proos, Haga, Rhoades. No - 0; Absent - 2. Resolution adopted.
Moved by Smith, Supported by Proos to approve recommendation to provide for delivery of the township
Adaview by direct mail to all Ada citizens and businesses, quarterly, for an additional annual cost of
$1,497.68. Yes - 5; No - 0; Absent - 2. Motion carried.
Moved by Westra, Supported by Proos to amend recommendation for an additional $600 funding for
electronic mailing, to be phased in. Yes - 5; No -0; Absent - 2. Motion carried.
Moved by Proos, Supported by Westra to hold a Board and Trail Committee work session to discuss the
Bailey Drive designation of “Natural Beauty Road”. Yes - 5; No - 0; Absent - 2. Motion carried.
Supervisor Haga summarized GO! Bus Activity and expenses.
Moved by Proos, Supported by Rhoades to authorize an additional $10,000, making it a total expense of
$20,000 through June 30, 2009, for funding the Go Bus program. Yes - 5; No - 0; Absent - 2. Motion
Moved by Westra, Supported by Smith to approve recommendation for the 4th of July, 2009 fireworks
display with Zambelli Fireworks Manufacturing Company, to be held at 7590 E. Fulton, at a cost of
$12,000. Yes - 5; No - 0; Absent - 2. Motion carried.
Robert Stead, 6530 Ada Drive, commented on the heliport petition, stating he does not approve of any misleading
tactics to obtain signatures. He asked Trustee Westra to give him names he could check on.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:31 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Burton
Ada Township Clerk

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Car Seat Crash Tests

Glad we have a Chicco KeyFit instead of those other, of course the Chicco looks like it would injure the baby as well.

"Federal tests of infant car seats found, show safety failures in crashes"



Monday, February 23, 2009

History of Grand Rapids Michigan

I found this book searching through Google today. Great find. Information regarding the start of Grand Rapids and surrounding areas.

You can download the entire book by using the Google Book Downloader found here:

Sign Devos Helipad Petition Ada, MI

Driving past my house this weekend I noticed one of my neighbors had a sign in his yard to get people to sign the helipad petition to stop Devos from building his helipad. Since it's already probably built in reality the petition is probably to stop him from landing his copter there. 

If you would like to sign the helipad petition you can go to 7879 Thornapple Club Dr, Ada, MI 49301. The street is within the Ada Moorings housing complex located by Ada Park just off of Grand River by Buttrick Ave.

I don't think Ada Moorings is going to hear a lot of helicopter traffic but the petition to sign is there. So if you don't want the helipad or helicopter, go to the address above, knock on the door and sign the petition to stop it. The petition will stop Devos from building his helipad.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Granholm, Michigan Stimulus Plan

25,000 new jobs from road construction. 400,000 jobs lost in Michigan (WOOD AM News Radio 2/20/2009 interview with Gov. Granholm)

109,000 jobs created or saved in Michigan.

Now let's do some math 25,000 temporary contract jobs that will keep people working for (let's see about a year or two) so that leaves 84,000 created or saved jobs (assuming the others aren't temporary contract work). So in 2-3 years the 25,000 new jobs will be gone and those 25,000 people will be unemployed once again. So at the very least 316,000 jobs will still be gone from Michigan and the stimulus plan will still leave Michigan in a big unemployment mess. Not to mention the financial hole that those 25,000 temporary workers will be in once the stimulus money runs out.

Another note of interest, umemployment benefits will be extended to provide up to 33 weeks of benefits. Now how does increasing these benefits create jobs. Why not spend this $27 billion dollars to create permanent jobs. I know I could take about a million of that and start my own business that would employ 25-50 people, not many in the big scheme of things but 3 years from now those 25-50 people would still have jobs and be financially stable instead of relying on the federal stimulus to give them no jobs but provide money so they don't need to work.

Extension of Emergency Unemployment Compensation. Through December 31, 2009, the bill
continues the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program, which provides up to 33 weeks of
extended unemployment benefits to workers exhausting their regular benefits.
This provision is
estimated to cost $26.96 billion.

Take a look at the $50 billion worth of proposed pet projects for Michigan.
I don't think we're getting $50 billion to repave roads, install LED lights and update sewer systems, all temporary work by the way. How about $50 billion dollars to help retool manufacturing to produce electric cars, or $50 billion dollars to create, gee I don't know, permanent jobs.

Great job Democrats, I'm sure we won't be in the same position 4 years from now.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

WARNING: Suspicious Subjects in Cascade Ada

There have been numerous reports of suspicious inviduals in the Cascade/Ada area. Of course, knowing the area if you don't look like everyone else on your block then everyone probably thinks you look suspicious. Anyway, here are the details of the suspicious event.

Home owner at 7612 Woodvale ST SE requested extra night patrol. The street it around Buttrick, Cascade, 30th and 36th street. 

In the early morning hours of 2/16 he called dispatch to report a group of males dressed in all black near his home.  Home owner stated that he originally was awakened from his dogs barking.  When the home owner looked outside to see what was going on, a male subject dressed in all black was standing in the middle of his street staring back at him.  Home owner chatted with his neighbor who had also called last night about the same situation.  This time two of the male subjects were on the neighbors porch.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sewage spreads through Ada

Today a sewer main break has closed Ada Dr. from Fox Hollow to Spaulding from 1-8pm. The break is expected to leak into the creek and nearby pond. If you drive by it you can smell the s that's coming from that area. I guess Ada really is looking more and more like Russia every day.

Linda Cook, 5700 Michigan St stated she is concerned with the board making the township sound like a ghetto. She is very upset; feels it is like living in Russia, and would like to see it come to a public vote.