Monday, February 23, 2009

Sign Devos Helipad Petition Ada, MI

Driving past my house this weekend I noticed one of my neighbors had a sign in his yard to get people to sign the helipad petition to stop Devos from building his helipad. Since it's already probably built in reality the petition is probably to stop him from landing his copter there. 

If you would like to sign the helipad petition you can go to 7879 Thornapple Club Dr, Ada, MI 49301. The street is within the Ada Moorings housing complex located by Ada Park just off of Grand River by Buttrick Ave.

I don't think Ada Moorings is going to hear a lot of helicopter traffic but the petition to sign is there. So if you don't want the helipad or helicopter, go to the address above, knock on the door and sign the petition to stop it. The petition will stop Devos from building his helipad.

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